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Why Ridgefield Real Estate Is The Best Retirement Plan

Tuesday, November 27, 2018   /   by Alan Chambers

Why Ridgefield Real Estate Is The Best Retirement Plan

If you are like most people, you worry from time to time about your retirement.

You probably wonder things like:

  • Am I saving enough money to retire?

  • Will I have enough to cover my medical expenses when I retire?

  • How many years of retirement do I need to plan for?

You’re certainly not alone in these thoughts and fears.

Just like everyone else, you want a retirement plan that won’t break your bank today, but will still allow you to live a full life after your working years are done. What you may have never realized is that investing in Ridgefield real estate is likely your best option.

Allow me to explain…

Essential Diversification Of Your Portfolio

Any financial portfolio, retirement included, lives and thrives off of being diverse. This diversity helps to hedge against potential risks and losses in individual markets. This is why people that have an IRA or 401K which is heavily based on stocks and bonds seek out real estate investments to protect them if the value of their stocks plummets.

Even if you plan to use Ridgefield real estate investments as your sole retirement plan, it is wise to have some diversity within that portfolio. For example, you may want to purchase a mixture of single-family rentals and multi-family rentals that will not only appreciate in value over time but will pay for themselves and provide you with immediate cash flow. Other people also like to include flips in their property portfolio as well for additional diversity.

Immediate And On-Going Cash Flow  

Speaking of cash flow, that is considered to be one of the biggest benefits or advantages to long-term Ridgefield real estate investments, otherwise known as buy-and-hold properties. When you enlist the help of an experienced Ridgefield investment Realtor like myself, you can obtain properties that will supply you with a strong and steady cash flow which you can use to cover your holding costs and pad your retirement plan or living expenses in the meantime.

A Free Home For Your Retirement

If you are smart and lucky enough to start investing in Ridgefield real estate while you are young, you will probably have at least one property paid off by the time you are ready to retire. At that point, you will be able to move into that property scott free, continue to collect rent to pay for your new mortgage, or sell the house and use it to purchase your dream retirement home in cash. The more you can reduce your monthly living expenses during your retirement, the more fun you will be able to have during those special years.

Have You Ever Considered Investing In Ridgefield Real Estate?

When you are new to the real estate investing game, it can seem a bit mysterious, risky, or intimidating.

However, when you hire a Ridgefield real estate investment property specialist like myself, I will work with you to make sure that:

  • Investing in Ridgefield real estate makes sense for your financial goals.

  • You don’t purchase a property with hidden risks that hurt you later.

  • You get the best purchase, rent, and sales price on every property you invest in here.

  • You are never bogged down by the mountains of paperwork and various other hassles involved with investing in properties.

As a member of the Ridgefield community and a fellow investor, I am deeply passionate about helping Ridgefield residents build their wealth and live their best life through real estate investing.

Whether you are just considering investing for the first time, don’t know if you can afford to invest, or are ready to strike now while the iron is hot, give me a call and I’ll give you a customized plan based on your needs and goals.


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