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Monday, December 10, 2018   /   by Alan Chambers

Why Ridgefield Real Estate Investors Don’t Need To Worry About A Real Estate Bubble

The real estate “bubble” is one of those things that everyone loves to speculate and predicate on.

While there is no denying that those bubbles have their impact on the economy, both here in Ridgefield and nationwide, savvy real estate investors don’t need to worry about them.

In fact, as a real estate investor in Ridgefield, you even have reasons to look forward to a bubble.
Buy-And-Hold Property Owner Win In A Burst
A buy-and-hold property is a long-term real estate investment like a multi-family apartment building that you purchase and maintain over years of decades. When the economy dips, we see more and more homeowners selling or foreclosing on their Ridgefield homes and moving back into apartments. During this phase in the real estate cycle, Ridgefield landlords clean up off of decreased vacancy rates and increased rent rates.
Predictions Are Just That
Trying to buy or sell Ridgefield real estate off of your own personal predictions of what the ...

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018   /   by Alan Chambers

Breaking Down The 4 Main Phases Of The Real Estate Market; What Ridgefield Investors Need To Know

When house flipping became popular, everyone wanted to figure out how to make their own fortune in real estate investing.

People here in Ridgefield were no different.

Clients, friends, and family were coming out in droves trying to figure out how to build their wealth with Ridgefield real estate investments by predicting the market.

While I never recommend that anyone try to predict the real estate market and predicate their investment portfolio that way, I do believe it is important for real estate investors of all types to have a full understanding of the four main phases of the real estate market cycle.
Phase One: Recovery
During the first phase of the cycle, otherwise known as the Recovery period, we see little to no new construction being built and very low vacancy numbers. As a Ridgefield real estate investor, this is a savvy time to start buying up as many properties as you can. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge for some because lenders are also tighter on ...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018   /   by Alan Chambers

Why Ridgefield Real Estate Is The Best Retirement Plan

If you are like most people, you worry from time to time about your retirement.

You probably wonder things like:

Am I saving enough money to retire?

Will I have enough to cover my medical expenses when I retire?

How many years of retirement do I need to plan for?

You’re certainly not alone in these thoughts and fears.

Just like everyone else, you want a retirement plan that won’t break your bank today, but will still allow you to live a full life after your working years are done. What you may have never realized is that investing in Ridgefield real estate is likely your best option.

Allow me to explain…
Essential Diversification Of Your Portfolio
Any financial portfolio, retirement included, lives and thrives off of being diverse. This diversity helps to hedge against potential risks and losses in individual markets. This is why people that have an IRA or 401K which is heavily based on stocks and bonds seek out real estate i ...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018   /   by Alan Chambers

Mark Your Calendars For These Holiday Events In Ridgefield

As all of the residents and homeowner’s in Ridgefield know, this town is a special place to call home throughout all four seasons of the year.

However, there are few times that are quite as special and festive as the Holiday season.

Each year, hardworking members of the Ridgefield community pool their efforts together to host a variety of Holiday-themed events that truly help to add to the spirit of the season for every family lucky enough to call this place home.

This year, I am excited to say there are many holiday-themed events planned from now through the new year. Here are just a few of my favorites from years past and a few that are new but highly-anticipated.

I hope to see you all there!
Ridgefield Holiday Stroll
December 1st from 6 pm to 10 pm
December 2nd – 10 am to 7 pm
Admission: Free

The Ridgefield Holiday Stroll has become one of the favorite holiday traditions in downtown Ridgefield. The area shops and homes are all decorated ...

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Monday, November 19, 2018   /   by Alan Chambers

JUST LISTED: 9 Twixt Hills Rd, Ridgefield

Need a lot of storage space? It’s here!
Want a cozy fireplace to curl up in front of on rainy nights? Check!
Love wide open spaces that are flooded with natural light? This home has that too!

It is pure country bliss that awaits you in this classic colonial family home quietly tucked back on a lush Ridgefield lot. If you’ve been in search of a home that will provide you with the perfect marriage of modern convenience and that craveworthy Connecticut charm, your search is over!

The best part? You can sit on either of two decks and admire the views of the natural, stream-fed lake perfect for fishing, boating, and swimming that is right out your back door.

The four bedrooms & three bathrooms of your new home are spread out over a spacious 3,224 square feet. The first thing you will notice is how the natural light from the massive windows casts a shine on the hardwood floors. Unlike most colonials, you’ll be thrilled to discover that this on ...

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